The busy weeks continue…

Sorry I have been MIA lately. Life has been super busy and chaotic the last several weeks.   Things that have happened since I last updated…

  1. Alaina turned 5 months old. What?! How that is possible, I have no idea.
  2. We bought a house!!! We are in love with this house! We have yet to hard core pack

So on our first update. Alaina. I keep saying this every month, I have no idea where time has gone. This little peanut has consumed our lives…in every good way possible. She laughs and smiles all the time. She is enamored by her daddy. She cannot take her eyes off of him. When he walks into the room, she looks at him and she breaks into a huge smile…usually followed by some hyperventilating sounds because she is so excited. She loves to watch him talk, eat, work on work stuff,  watching football, whatever he is doing she is watching. It is probably one of the best things about my day. She will even sit and watch football with him. She loves it! All the bright colors running around on the field. She gets so excited and cheers when touchdowns and good passes are made (if that is what they are called?). We have a daddy’s girl. And I am completely in love with it.


At 4 1/2 month old our little girl grew up big time…she learned to sit up on her own. We have a super baby 🙂 She is a rockstar. We still put the bobby around her…because if she gets too excited she will sometimes topple over. She has become so much better at catching herself though. It is so nice because she is able to now entertain herself. I can set her down, with her toys piled around her, and go do the dishes and she is fine with it. As long as she had things to put in her mouth. I am convinced she is teething. The drool and chewing is real. She has a Simba stuffed animal that she is obsessed with, the tail on that thing is so matted because it goes straight to her mouth. I got a amber teething necklace for her this week. We will see if it works or is a farce? Might as well try it though right?

She has also started eating baby food. So exciting. And she loves it! Sweet potatoes and squash are her favorites. Peas on the other hand…not so much. She loves eating baby food so much that it took her a while to realize she was eating peas. She seemed to like them at first. Then about half way through, she realized what she was eating and was disgusted. I seriously cannot feed her fast enough when she is eating sweet potatoes and squash. If a new spoonful is not by her mouth when she finishes her current mouthful, the tantrum starts. She will dive towards the spoon too. It cracks me up. She cannot get enough. When she is finished with the container she will keep looking at the empty container and then look at me, like she is saying, “come on mom, keep it coming.”

She also finally learned to roll over from her back to her belly…and I don’t think it will be long until she is crawling! She has had the whole belly to back thing down for a while, however took a little while for the other to catch on. She was sitting up on her own before she learned to roll over. Stinker. One morning I put her down for her nap…on her back. Ten minutes later I look at the monitor and guess who is on their belly? She zonked out like that. Ever since then…we have had a belly sleeper, just like her mommy. My favorite thing lately is that when she falls asleep on her belly, he butt is up in the air, like she is sleeping in the downward dog position with her legs underneath her…can you now see why I think she will be crawling sooner rather than later?? Listening to her over the monitor at night is hilarious. She talks to herself endlessly, it is not a cry…more like babbling. Oh how I would love to know what she is thinking.

We are so in love with our little girl. She means the world to us. Every day is a new adventure. And every day my love grows for her. There are alway difficult times, and times that I get overwhelmed, I think every mother does. This whole motherhood thing is a learning experience. I learn something new everyday. Not only about being a motherhood and my daughter, but about myself as well. I am a stronger person than I thought. I have my breakdown moments and some days are exhausting, but I am able to get through them better than ever before.

Stay tuned for house update…



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