As long as I was pregnant…posted 2 months late!

Note to the reader: this was wrote when Alaina was 9 months old…but posted 2 months later. Mom life.

Well, it is official. Alaina has been in our lives for as long as I was pregnant. She is 9 months old! Well, technically, in one week she will be alive for as long as I was pregnant, she was a stubborn one.

I feel like she has learned so much this month. I cannot believe it. She is walking behind her zebra walker…for like 3 weeks now. What?! How does that happen? One day she would cry when we put her behind it, then the next she takes off. It is absolutely adorable. Her little legs, gah! What is cuter than a little peanut learning to walk?


She loves crawling. She is little miss speedy. Turn your back for a second and she could be on the other side of the house.

She hates the word “no”. Usually when she hears it and she is taken away from whatever she was getting into, tears usually start flowing, along with a good meltdown holler.

She loves to take stuff out of things. So she takes all of her toys out of her toy bins. She takes the DVD’s out of the DVD case (she learned that one this morning…meltdown when I took the DVD’s away from her and said ‘no’). She also will empty her bag she brings to Grandmas house. She also found where we store the computer cords, she loves her cords, they are in the TV stand cabinet. So she was constantly opening the doors to get to them. Kid locks don’t work on them…so we resorted to velcro-ing our cabinets shut…you get creative as a parent. But I tell you what, it worked.

See all the DVD’s?

She has also found her voice. She babbles all the time. Her favorite right now…”bababa”. With some dada’s and mama’s in there. She has also learned her “ck” sound, which comes from her throat, I can’t even imitate it, I have no idea how she does it. My favorite thing ever is coming home from work and she crawls to me saying “mamamama”. Oh my lands it melts my heart.

She has also learned how to high five, play “so big”, and clap. Say ‘yay’ and that kid will start clapping. My mom had to pick her jaw up off the floor when she saw it for the first time. She didn’t know she could do it.

I am already planning Alaina’s birthday party. Which is not shocking in any way, shape, or form. I love to plan things, usually I start way in advance, stop for a little while, then panic because I don’t have much time left to plan and get things ready. It is how I roll. I have big aspirations and plans…get bored…then have no choice but to work on it because the deadline is looming. At least I know what to expect, right?


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