Time to catch up.

Time flies. Why, I have no idea. It doesn’t seem to be fair sometimes. Alaina is 11 months old, on her way to 1 year, still planning that birthday party. I am crossing things off my 30 before 30 list. And I am parenting a teething child (if you don’t have kids: this should make you cringe).

Alaina is still not walking, although she is so close! The longest she has walked was 5-6 feet. She was so excited that she dropped down to her knees and squealed with glee. She can get places quicker crawling. She was even moved up to infant 2 at daycare this past month. My big girl

.IMG_0941 2

Alaina now has 4 teeth, two on bottom, two on top. She is working on getting two more through on the top. I tell you what, it is miserable. She is cranky, her ears hurt, her teeth hurt, her nose runs, there is drool everywhere, she has fevers, and won’t sleep. It is as fun as it sounds. We live on ibuprofen and acetaminophen around here. Oh and caffeine for mama.

She continues to talk more. Still struggles getting out ‘dada’ sometimes. She will now often crawl up to me and say ‘mama’. Oh my lands, cue the melting heart. She loves to throw things. Not necessarily in a bad way. She has a good arm, we need to harness that. Although, sometimes, when she has something she is not supposed to have, she will quick throw whatever it is when I say her name, like, I didn’t have it.

When she isn’t teething, she always has a smile on her little face. Seriously, it lights up any room she is in. You just look at her and she breaks into a smile. She is so happy. Her laugh, will make any one start laughing.

Not only has Alaina been getting older the past 2 months, I have been doing a lot myself too. My sisters and I have officially applied to have a booth at a craft fair in September. One of the things on my 30 before 30 list! I am so excited. This is always something that I wanted to do. I love craft fairs, and now I get to be in one. The one thing I am nervous about, no body buying my stuff. Seriously, I get in my own head sometimes. I have yet to start making my crafts, I am going to have to work on them hard core this summer.

I am also hosting another craft night at church. Seriously, my life revolves around crafts. I love this craft. It is a mason jar box. I have always wanted to make these boxes, but never have. I tend to pick the crafts I have always wanted to make for church craft night. Gives me an excuse 🙂 I will keep you posted on the finished products!

IMG_0980 2

We also went to P!nk! Within the first 5 seconds of the concert I turned to my husband and said “this is the best concert I have ever been to.” I had made up my mind in 5 seconds…that is all it took, she is that good. I am talking about hanging from a hot pink chandelier, swinging around on fabric bands…with no harness. I am not going to lie, I was afraid I was going to witness P!nk’s death. She is incredible. And she is such an amazing person too. She has the biggest heart.

IMG_0958 2


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